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Mazafati dates

Mazafati dates, also known as «Bam Dates» or «Kimia Dates» are one of the most popular varieties of date fruit. Renowned for their delicious taste and numerous health benefits, Mazafati dates are a rich source of daily energy and are packed with essential nutrients like vitamin B, iron, phosphorus, potassium, and vitamin A. In addition, these dates are high in fiber, making them an excellent choice for those seeking relief from constipation and excess stomach acid. Let’s explore the origins and features in more detail.

This is originaly from the city of Bam in Kerman, Iran. The harvest season typically begins in August and lasts till mid-October, ensuring that these dates are fresh and readily available during this time.

Packaging and Storage:

Mazafati is available in two types of packaging: a 5 kg carton and a 7 kg master carton, which contains 12 baby cartons weighing 600 grams each. To maintain their quality and freshness, it is recommended to store at a suitable temperature ranging from -5°C to +5°C.

Mazafati dates are not only a delectable treat but also a powerhouse of nutrition. Loaded with essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber, these dates provide a natural energy boost and are a great choice for health-conscious individuals. Whether consumed as a snack or incorporated into various recipes, bam dates are an excellent addition to a balanced diet. So why not indulge in the rich flavor and health benefits of Mazafati dates today?

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