Our Services and client care

Research & Planning

An understanding of the markets, consumers and influences that snacks have on food staple is essential to what we do. By having insights from other business units across the Milsen Group – such as canned food, sweets and Snacks — we’re able to create a unique selection of cross-divisional expertise .We combine these category insights with consumer, market and brand extensive research that offer a powerful review on how lifestyles, trends and other social challenges are affecting the food world.

Export Management

As a successful export management department, we have the experience to develop export sales at a fraction of the cost of going it alone. Our goal is to generate profitable export sales for our customers. Our experienced sales consultants working in market provide the initial market intelligence to make informed decisions and then work with you to establish the best route to market.

Effectively you have a dedicated International Business Development and Sales and Marketing team without high costs. The team includes people who are in different countries in your target export markets with native language and cultural understanding of your potential export markets.

Advertising and Social

A lesson we have learned from all the advertising promising research over the last decade is that traditional media advertising in its sense is no longer effective.

New media has revealed on the scene and traditional media such as print and the television have suffered as a result of these conversions. It is also considerable to remind ourselves that the tendency of these traditional media is to be the most expensive parts of the communication mix. Digital media is generally less expensive, although it is more experimental and unknown.

Now the effort is required to monitor and maintain our social media community building efforts, just alike any other marketing efforts, creating quality content and adding value to every comments that our clients or customers want to become a part of us is essential .The advantages of a strong communication will result when the social media presence stands as a component of a marketing plan that takes you apart more from “just another supplier.”

By creating good contents, connecting with the right people, and tracking the results of “social impact,” we’ll put ourselves in the ideal position to take advantages of all social media community benefits.