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Iranian Dates: A Comprehensive List with Descriptions


Dates, the sweet and nutritious fruits of the date palm tree, have been cultivated in the Middle East for centuries. Iran, with its diverse climate and fertile soil, is a major producer of dates, boasting an abundance of varieties that differ in taste, texture, shape, and color. In this article, we explore the top 10 most popular Iranian dates and introduce a few lesser-known varieties.

Top 10 Iranian Dates

  1. Mazafati / Kimia / Bam: These dates are known for their delicate texture, honey-like flavor, and deep brown to black color. They are often eaten fresh or used in desserts.
  2. Pyarom / Piarom: This type of date is characterized by its thin skin and unique taste. It is slightly drier than Mazafati dates and has a slightly lower moisture content.
  3. Zahedi / Zahidi: These dates are light brown in color and have a soft, chewy texture. They are often used in making date vinegar and alcohol.
  4. Rabbi: This variety of date is large and oval-shaped, with a dark brown, shiny skin. It has a semi-dry texture and a mellow sweet flavor.
  5. Lulu: These dates are small and round, with a dark brown color. They have a semi-dry texture and a sweet flavor similar to Pyarom dates.
  6. Sayer / Estamaran: This variety of date is oval-shaped and reddish brown in color. It has a semi-dry texture and a high sugar content.
  7. Kabkab: These dates are oval-shaped and have a semi-dry texture. They are often used in making date molasses.
  8. Kali / Kaliteh / Kaloute: These dates are similar to Mazafati dates but have a lower moisture level, sweetness, and darker color.
  9. Barhi: These dates are small and golden yellow in color. They have a sweet flavor that is ripe. However, the sweetness varies as per ripeness.
  10. Medjool: These dates are known as the “queen of dates” and are prized for their honey-like flavor and soft texture.
list of iranian dates
List of iranian dates

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Lesser-Known Iranian Dates

  1. Ajwa: This date is grown in some cities such as Khuzestan. Ajwa dates have a prune-like taste and a soft texture. Their color ranges from dark brown to black.
  2. Khudri: This date is grown in Sistan & Baluchestan and Bushehr. Khudri date has a dark brown color with wrinkled skin. The texture is dry, and it has a sweet taste.
  3. Dayri: These dates are from Abadan, Khuzestan and Ahvaz. Dayri dates are a kind of semi-dry date fruit. They are large and have an oblong shape. They have thick, soft flesh around a single seed. The color of Dayri dates is dark brown to black.
  4. Maktoom / Maktoum: These dates are grown in Kerman, Fars, and Sistan & Baluchestan. These dates have a light brown to dark brown color and smooth, glossy, thick fibrous skin. The texture of Maktoom dates is tender and slightly chewy.


The diversity of Iranian dates offers a wide range of flavors and textures to satisfy every palate. Whether you prefer the sweetness of Mazafati dates, the unique taste of Pyarom dates, or the mellow flavor of Rabbi dates, there is an Iranian date variety that will tantalize your taste buds. With their rich history and nutritional value, Iranian dates are a delicious and healthy treat that can be enjoyed fresh, dried, or as an ingredient in various dishes.

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