What is kimia dates

what is kimia dates?

What is kimia dates?

Kimia dates, also known as bam or mazafati dates, belong to the group of Iranian dates. Unlike many other varieties, kimia date is not considered dry fruits due to their high moisture content. These dates are best stored in temperatures ranging from -5 to +5 degrees Celsius. They are characterized by their black, shiny, and thin skin, which can be easily removed due to their extra moistness. These dates are known for their high juice content.

Quality of kimia dates can be determined by the amount of juice they contain. Higher juice content indicates higher quality. Each box of kimia dates weighs about 7 kg due to its high juice content. It’s important to wash the dates thoroughly before consuming them as their sticky, juicy skin tends to attract and absorb pollutants.


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Is kimia dates wet or dry?

The difference between wet and dry dates lies in the ripening process. Wet dates, like kimia dates, go through a stage called rotab, where their moisture content increases and sugar levels are lower.

Harvesting of kimia date is traditionally done by male workers using palm leaf-woven baskets. After collection, the dates are transferred to cold stores in plastic boxes with ventilation holes. Most of the excess dates produced are transported to cold stores in Bam city via truck or van, facing challenges such as expensive shipping costs, waste during transportation, and issues with packing and proper loading.

What is kimia dates benefit?

Kimia dates, are rich in iron and natural sugars, making them beneficial for the body. They are especially popular during the holy month of Ramadan when people need quick energy and a sugar boost after fasting.

Storing dates properly is crucial to maintain their properties and prevent spoilage. wet dates, including Mazafati or kimia dates, must be stored under suitable conditions and temperatures, ensuring they retain their nutritional value.

Kimia dates is favored for their moistness, with their black color being a significant selling point. They are also available in brown and dark brown as they ripen. The warm nature of dates can be beneficial for individuals with a cold nature or health issues. It’s recommended to store kimia dates in the refrigerator and let them sit at room temperature for three hours before consumption.

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